Thursday, May 6, 2010

No Excuses: The Fight to the Finish

Paper update: 3,865 words out of the required 7,000. So, I'm over halfway done. And actually on a respectable writing roll (4.5 hours of reasonably constant writing). And, I'm fairly confident that at least 2,500 of those words don't suck. And my footnotes look like real footnotes (E texted me for the express purpose of reminding me that I am anal and turn on the formatting to make sure that there are two spaces in between sentences. She was eerily right. I had just turned on my show formatting for that very reason).

Real-time update: my sadistic little computer checked the box that includes footnotes in my word count. Little fucker. It tricked me. I lost approximately 1,200 words. On the upside, I have 1,200 words worth of footnotes. Which means that if they don't actually expand on and illuminate my topic, it will look like they do.

Real-time update: Ranting now about a weird little tort concept in my home state. I know that Kapes finds State Supreme Court's interpretation of this doctrine every bit as stupid as I do. Actually enjoying writing this section of the paper. Mostly because I get to make snarky comments that I know will make my favorite professor giggle. And I get to sound erudite while being snarky. And, I get to say "erudite," which is a fun word even though it sounds dirty. And, I get to say it's scholarly. Which makes me happy.

Real-time update: Olivia is sitting with me while I write this paper, but she does get to watch "Julie and Julia." Plans for the summer: making lobster for dinner. Starting with live lobster. I will sing "Lobster Killer." 3,562 words.