Thursday, February 11, 2010

Lola Hates You All

Well, probably not you specifically, if you're reading this (I said "probably," security at the Penal Gallery ain't what it used to be. In fact, there's a decent chance that you are both 1) reading this and 2) hated by me.).

I have been a negligent blogger lately. I am not unaware of this. And no, I don't wanna hear about it. It will make me cranky. I have been a negligent blogger, but that is only because I have been trying to conform to the standard of care of my regular life (See? I can still work the legal angle). This has included working, completing my bar application, going to Chicago, starting a paper, becoming unwittingly embroiled in a family feud, busting my leg, doing my work for the Law Review, getting sick, and oh, yeah, reading for class. This is, indeed, why I've been feeling so cranky. And yes, I will have details about the more important points. After I get this next work avalanche off my desk.

Which, is what I've been doing. I'm like Sisyphus, pushing that huge freakin' boulder up the hill, every time I think I've gotten to the top, it rolls back over me. And crunches me like a leaf. Which, led to a brilliant idea yesterday: every time a staff member makes a stupid mistake (i.e., not including sources, not checking quotes, the basic stuff they're required to do to meet the minimum requirements of their assignments) instead of subjecting them to our disciplinary process (which really, makes more work for me and the rest of the committee) they will be required to put a dollar in a curse-jar type thing (the cite-checking jar?). The proceeds will go to buy candy, which I, and any other aggrieved parties, will eat. Minimal work for us, less punishment for the staff, more candy! Everyone's a winner. I can submit a bill with their feedback memos. I like this idea. Mostly because I like candy. It's one of the fail-safe ways to appease me. Especially when I've had a week that includes getting sick, getting my knee stuck in the bent position, and having my car hit in the parking lot while I was at work.

So, that's the moral of the story: whoever said that the third year they bore you tell can get bent, I'm busy, I'm cranky, and I like candy. Further bulletins as events warrant.