Monday, June 29, 2009

Who Says You Can't Go Home?

Drove to my hometown for two of my favorite occassions: Annual Spree Fireworks and Ya-Ya missions. Over drinks and burgers the following texts are exchanged:

Lola: I'm in the L. On a Ya-Ya mission of justice.
Steve: Ya-ya?
Lola: Trust me, the less you know, the better.

The refrain for the night: The less you know, the better. Also, "You'll happy later if you weren't here now."

I had an exciting chance to drive fast (we played "Hostages") and scream "Abort! Abort!" which I really enjoyed.

A word about Hostages: it's like a scavenger hunt for your teammates. The other team blindfolds them and drops them off. You have to find your hostages and get back to the meeting point before the other team. We lost, but we did have the best moment: We pull up to a stop light and the windows are down, I'm smoking, the March of the Empire is blaring and we have two people sitting in the backseat with shirts over our heads. The look on the guy next to us's face was priceless.

Our mission of justice had to be rescheduled though (that was the "ABORT!" part).

I also "got" to clean my mom's garage. In 90 degree heat. Blah.

The best part though, was the return of the pig races at my hometown's annual carnival. This year, the pigs SWAM! And one played the piano. Amazing. Jennie and I have a deep love for the pig races. This year we marked the triumphant return of the races (after a three-year hiatus) with pizza and tasty alcholic beverages. Sadly, I did not get my traditional sausage and pepper sandwich, as the Italian American club no longer has a tent. Boo. Baby pigs swimming in a race: Epic win.
Overheard in town:
"Am I going to have to buy pizza from the firefighters?"
"Well, we know how much you like firefighters."

"Our soul-mates are at the Spree!"

"This year, the finale is going to spell out '59. Oh God, that joke is 9 years old. Let's take a moment to reflect on that." (Yeah, apparently, we have jokes that are 9 years old. On the upside, it's been 9 years and we still like each other enough to have a running joke).

For reasons unknown to man or god, Mama Lo had a gross of glo bracelets in her back seat. Jennie and I brought them to entertain the troops. Andy's little sister and her friends, who are like 20, were considerably more restrained than us in the use of the glo-bracelets. We, on the other hand (older than 20) made outfits out of them (I made a rainbow brite bracelet) and used about a 10-pack (ok, more than 10) apiece. Which led to the following exchange:

Fitz: You guys look like princesses of Egypt!
Lola: Uh, space Egypt.

Now I'm reading my last assignment for the summer session. Woot.