Wednesday, April 1, 2009

With a Decent Tailwind, I Can Get Across Town in 3 Minutes

So, it's true that there is a Facebook Group dedicated to the idea that I ride a broomstick to work.

I can't really dispute this in light of the amount of ranting that has gone on in the past two days despite the fact that my glands are so swollen I resemble a bullfrog during mating season.

Some people take this a little too seriously. I am waiting for Priest to get out of his late meeting last night. At midnight, I decide to text and see what the hold up is. Aaaaaaaand, I have text messages. He is at my apartment, wondering where I am. Um, at the same table I was at 3 hours ago when you saw me last? He thought I was at home. He drove me to school this morning.

I can't help myself. I yell, in the lobby, "How did you think got home? Didya think I jumped on my broomstick and flew?" A woman across the lobby dissolves into the giggles. Apparently, some people believe the myth.

Megan wants us to work on communication with new members in order to dispell the rumor that we are scary and unfriendly. I laugh, but refrain from stating the obvious: I am scary and unfriendly.